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The ratio of honor and business reputation

 Among other characteristics of intangible benefits, they distinguish an independent value for their bearer, a general focus on ensuring the existence of an individual. For the objects of intangible benefits studied by us, self-enrichment is expressed in the creation of a prerequisite to increase benefits, subject to the further conscientious behavior of its bearer, the originality of existence and an independent nature of perception, for intangible benefits of individuals — belonging to a citizen from birth or by virtue of law. Note that all the above features are reflected in the legal nature of business reputation. However, in the application to it, the existence of a number of general theoretical foundations of intangible goods does not seem obvious (we are talking about the inalienability and immeasurably of business reputation).  Indeed, is a business reputation so inalienable if the effect of its advantages can be transferred to use for a profit (for a fee) in the

Bull vs Bear Markets: The Biggest Differences

 Financial experts often use the words “bull” and “bear” to describe the situation on the stock market. If you are not sure what do these terms actually mean, you have come to the right place. We have prepared a short summary of bear and bull markets for novice investors. Find out the main differences between these conditions and how exactly they dictate stock market strategies for financial traders. Bull Market The stock market is considered bullish when major indexes are rising high. It grows over 15% from a recent low and investor sentiment gets very confident. When the market is in this state, prices rapidly increase thus making more and more traders optimistic. A bull market is a sign of a strong economy. It usually means that unemployment rates are low since businesses are expanding and hiring new people. As a result, more and more people get encouraged to invest in stocks. On average, prices go up 110% and higher during bull markets. Naturally, all good things mus