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5 tips for getting started with stocks

 Many people are considering investing their money in stocks. That's right - especially during a period of low-interest rates and inflation. However, before you start, you should do your research. A few tips on how to invest in stocks and make the most of your money. Tip 1. Find out more in advance It sounds corny, but you have to understand what your money is. If you are interested in a special stock and do not want to rely only on your instincts, you should, for example, take a look at the AG annual report, current quarterly figures, analysis, and economic forecasts. Or you are using the experience of professionals and prefer to invest in a stock fund. Advantage: the analysis is taken over by the fund managers at your savings bank or bank. Here you should also find out more: for example, how is the company ranked in the annual capital rating? And does the fund's focus match your risk and reward profile? Your savings bank advisor will be happy to help you make